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Team & Careers

At the Porch, we’re always looking for great team members to help us carry out our mission of serving fresh, local, authentic food with a smile. Whether you’ve got your eye on a culinary future, or just need to make ends meet on your way to your dream career – as long as your ethos matches ours, then The Porch could be the place for you!

Andrew Jacobson

Andrew Jacobson

Executive Chef

To Chef Andrew “Red” Jacobson, the Porch’s constant buzz of energy is what sets it apart. He believes that a restaurant could not succeed without strong relationships, and he includes his team’s relationship to food in this criterion. His mission is simple: He wants to make food that makes people happy, and believes in “food without ego”- simple, remarkable, accessible food without cutting corners. After attending the California School of Culinary Arts Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, Red worked in San Jose and Seattle before returning to Pittsburgh to join The Porch in 2011, where he feels he’s found his niche.

Josh Palashoff

Josh Palashoff

General Manager

Josh is crazy for the restaurant industry – he lives for the hustle and bustle of getting to work early, setting up, and “conquering a rush” with his team. For him, meeting people, watching team members grow, and overcoming challenges are the most rewarding aspects of managing The Porch at Schenley. He loves talking with guests about the Porch’s history, local partners, and craft beers, and is a strong believer in “the circle of service” – taking care of his team is a key part in taking care of guests.

Careers at the porch

No restaurant experience? No worries. We like to teach people who like to learn. Regardless of your position, we offer our team members a competitive benefits package that is based upon minimum hourly requirements.